If you decide to invest… let me know through Email at  

Products are usually available for immediate delivery.

Here are the prices individually and then as a package deal.

AMuck Master Scoop for dumping…. Retail price $335.00 On Sale $215.00 FREE SHIPPING and TAXES in the Continental USA

BMini Muck Mover Dredge… Retail price $410.00 on Sale for $265.00 FREE SHIPPING and TAXES in the Continental USA

CWinch…Retail price $630.00 On Sale $350.00 FREE SHIPPING and TAXES in the Continental USA

D.High Torque Drill… $120.00 On Sale $95.00 FREE SHIPPING and TAXES in the Continental USA

E. Complete package Muck Master Scoop, Winch and Drill.   $660.00

F Complete package Mini Muck Mover Dredge, Winch and Drill.  $710.00

The Scoop and Winch is Guaranteed against defects in workmanship. Repaired or replaced at my discretion.

 2nd Option. For Scoop.

Blueprint with material list and complete step by step pictures of scoop construction available for the DIY person.(Saves you lots of time) Sent in PDF form if you like. …$35.00…. If you find it too difficult to make I will apply the price to the product you could purchase.

3rd Option For Scoop.

For the DIY…The hardest part to make is the Formed steel cutting edge (the working edge). It comes complete with holes measured and drilled and formed at 90 degrees all for easy assembly. Free shipping $60.00 and Free Blueprint with step by step pictures.

How to Purchase…  You can use your credit card by using PayPal BUT  you do NOT need a PayPal account.  Just let me know what works for you and I will send you a PayPal invoice which you can pay them and they will pay me… I do not see your credit card.

Or you can send me a check.  Once I receive it… I will send the products right away… No need to wait for the check to clear.   I am still old school and trust who I deal with.

The Scoop is made using used plastic barrels. I do this to keep the cost down.

The Scoop will have scratches and maybe paint on the inside of it when you get it. It does NOT compromise the function of the scoop. Just letting you know.

It also has Steel reinforcement on the working end of the unit to prevent distortion and make the unit last longer. The handles are all steel and formed for light weight and durability.

The scoop brings up about 200 pounds of muck at a time.

The winch includes everything…the electric drill which is a 1/2 inch high torque drill… not just an ordinary 1/2 inch drill (you can remove the Drill if you need to drill holes… an added benefit) it also has variable speed, forward and reverse.

The winch is designed to free wheel for fast pay out.

It only pulls and has no brake on it.

The working end of the winch has industrial bearings with industrial chains and sprockets. For more torque or pulling power.

It includes 100 ft of rope, tie down chain and the winch itself. It makes the job a lot easier.

The speed is about as fast as a garage door opens.

I now paint just the steel parts of the winch (trying to keep the cost down without jeopardizing the quality and function). The new improved winch is lighter weight and stronger winch is crafted out of heavy duty wood. ( The first one was all steel and weighed way to much…about 75 lbs… and was clumsy and hard to store). The new version only weighs 60 lbs is more compact and easier for storage and handling.

Guaranteed against defects in workmanship.

If you were to consider an ordinary winch it will be very very very slow and is not designed for continuous use. It will actually heat up and self destruct if used continuously. I know… been there done that (you can dig into the exact specifications of an ordinary winch for proof if needed)

If you have a tractor or truck or something you can pull with you might not need the winch. However it might take another person to communicate to driver and the scoop operator. Just thought you would like to know.

Also when you think about it you will have to have enough space to travel the length of the rope driving back and forth through the muck. With the winch you simply set it where you want the muck dumped and wind it up to the dump site. SEE the testimony located below.

Here is a testimony from two of my customers who bought both the muck master scoop and winch.

Hi John. Your machine works as advertised. Really liked it!

I worked for about an hour today. Wading through the muck is hard work. Probably 5% done. My area that I am trying to clean is 15′ wide by 40′ long. Huge undertaking. I was able to get some of the old cattail roots up along the way, which is sweet.
Chris lives in Minnesota.

I can give you his name if you request it. In one hour of time he removed about 1,400 pounds of muck and weeds using the scoop and the winch he invested in.

Won’t it be nice to have a cleaner lake or pond?

Here is a testimonial about the winch vs a quad.

John, I would like to thank you for your ingenuity and helpfulness in dealing with my messy ponds. I don’t like the idea of dumping expensive chemicals into the pond year after year to control the weeds, therefore I have been using the cutting/raking method to try to control them for the last few years and have been quite frustrated with it. It’s been a lot of work and has done nothing for the muck problem. Although it will still be a lot of work, the Muck Master will clearly be much more effective in cleaning up my ponds. I don’t mind putting the work in if I feel the results will be there. I also like the idea that I can use it to make the ponds deeper. I’m thinking of it as a poor man’s drag line. I love the fact that I can use it far beyond what a backhoe can reach, and am only limited by my own energy and the amount of rope connected.

As I had hoped, the winch is working much better than the quad I was using for retrieval. It’s a lot easier to coordinate the movement with my helper because it’s a much more controlled retrieval process. Although the quad was certainly capable of doing the job, it was difficult to control the speed and I simply felt I was fighting with the scoop much of the time. That is not the case when using the winch. I am having a much easier time controlling the position of the scoop and as a result am having better success getting it loaded with muck and weeds. I certainly feel the winch system is well worth the investment. Both in terms of the amount of effort, as well as the savings in gas and wear and tear on the quad with the constant back and forth. The quad was also presenting problems with the space needed for some of the pulling, which is no longer an issue with the winch.

Thanks again for all your valuable assistance.


Don lives in Michigan


Safety FIRST

Please use common sense when using equipment.
Wear a life jacket when in the water. Be careful when using mechanical machinery. Always be safe and be defensive which means,,, assume that at one time or another something will break or bend so keep out of harms way if it ever did happen.

PSS If you have more than one neighbor show them the web site and ask them to split the cost and share the unit before you buy it. Just a thought.



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