Muck Disposal

Muck Disposal.

3 Ways Also see the Improved Versions for easy disposal.

First way is to bring it up on the property and spread it out when it is still wet.

You will be surprised… Where did it all go…  That being said… 

If you have put in chemicals to kill weeds… then TEST an area before you do this.

After it is spread out… seed it and water it  and in 2 week see the grass growing. 

I use what they call a concrete spreader… Available at the Big Box store

Here is what they look like… the aluminum is really worth the $

Second way is to bring it in and stockpile it and leave it for a while …. Let the water drain then haul it away.  

Third way is to bring a trailer to the site and… if you are handy… build a ramp and place the winch inside and slide the scoop into the trailer and then dump and haul away.

Also go to the home page and see the Improved Version… the scoop has wheels.

The main think.. GET THE MUCK out of the Lake or pond.